How do we do it?

Our AI can turn your typed text into a high resolution graphic in seconds. We combine advanced laser printing with luxurious textured cardstock to create authentic looking notes.

Pen wielding robots are slow and their writing is too perfect to be believable. We know, as we used to use them. Every character, joint, word and note generated by our algorithm is completely unique, and can be printed in seconds.

We were sad to let go of our fleet of diligent robots, but know that our new technology means we can now deliver more authentic orders faster, and at a better price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The volume you send in a 30 day billing period determines the cost per unit. The more you send, the lower the cost. Please see the calculator for more details.

Why do I get charged after 30 days? 

We charge 30 days after your campaign, so if you send more notes in the period you can get a better price. It also means that our integration customers who can't predict the number of notes they will send each month can get a better price for months with more usage, but aren't tied into any contracts.

Do you offer discounts?

For one off campaigns, the price per unit is determined by the size of the campaign. To get a lower price per unit you can purchase credits up front, which are charged at the same rate as if they were all sent in one billing period. Please see the calculator for more details.

How do I work out the stamp costs? 

The stamp cost varies country to country. We don't make any profit on stamps, so you can find these costs online. Alternatively please get in touch with a breakdown of the number of recipients in each country and we will provide a quote.

How can I pay?

You can pay with a debit or credit card.

Do you offer 24/7 support?

Absolutely. We have a 24 hour live chat, and normally have someone at the other end of the phone who can help!

How do I cancel my current subscription?

Just get in touch with the team and we will process this for you.

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