Handwritten Notes
at Scale

Scribeless is the easiest handwritten notes service
for sending personalised, handwritten notes

Customers logo list: CogX, Natwest, Marriott, Panasonic, Exeter, Hubspot

How It Works

Type with Ease

Create and send handwritten letters to all of your audience

Handwritten card icon

Personalise your message

Utilise merge variables to personalise your message based on the audience segment

We'll do the rest

We handle the production and postage of every letter

Form Meaningful Connections

Your words. Our tech.

At Scribeless, we specialise in recreating the beauty and nuance of human writing. Our technology has learnt a wide range of handwriting styles, which you can choose from.

Woman smiling holding handwritten note
Left: Handwritten letter from the Marriott hotel, Top right: Thank you cards, bottom right: stack of paper

A personal touch

Create stationery that reflects your brand by adding photos, logos, footers, and more. We print all stationery on luxury card using our top-of-the-range printing technology, creating the highest quality customer experience.

Expand your reach

Our advanced handwritten marketing technology can help you engage with the broadest audience possible. Whether you’re sending mail to 1 customer or 100,000, we’ve got you covered.


Man inserting flyer into handwritten envelope

Features for Every Business

Create automated triggers. Integrate across platforms.

We’ve developed the easiest way for e-shops to create and send automated mail campaigns. Set up triggers to automate personalised messages for any customer segment.

Integration logos: Shopify, Zapier, HubSpot

As Featured In

Logos of Mayfair times, Forbes, CNBC, BBC, The Drum, The Telegraph

Achieve Better Results

We’re able to add a personal touch to outgoing correspondence with ease, as the process is simple and efficient. The quality of the handwritten notes is outstanding, and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from anyone who has received one.

Adam Hamadache (DHM)

4x Customer Engagement

Panasonic, a global technology leader, sent handwritten letters targeting cold leads. Recipients became 4x more likely to open marketing emails and 6x more likely to click on email links

Customer logo: Panasonic

32x Return on Investment

As part of their fundraising programme, The University of Bath, used handwritten notes to engage alumni. After reaching out to their international alumni audience, they experienced a 32x ROI.


Customer logo: University of Bath

3x Customer Engagement

CogX, The Festival of AI, sent 10,000 Scribeless handwritten notes and saw a 12x increase in digital engagement (across website and email). They also saw a 9x Return on Investment on the campaign.


Customer logo: CogX

One off Campaigns

Supercharge your one-off outbound communication projects.

£2.50 – £1.50 / letter

Includes handwritten note, envelope and first class stamp

Send letters to up to 10,000 recipients at once

Multiple handwriting styles

Custom stationery creation

Schedule notes for the future

Integrate with your CRM or Ecommerce Site

International shipping available

Subscription Plans

Plans which include a number of letters each month. A letter includes a handwritten note, envelope and first class stamp.


Includes 10 Letters / Month
£ 22
  • £2.25 / Additional letter
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • 5 Handwriting Styles
  • Stationery Editor


Includes 45 Letters / Month
£ 100
  • £2.22 / Additional letter
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • 10 Handwriting Styles
  • Stationery Editor
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Unlimited Triggers


Includes 250 Letters / Month
£ 500
  • £2.00 / Additional letter
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • 20 Handwriting Styles
  • Stationery Editor
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Unlimited Triggers
  • Account Manager
  • Copy & Data Support
  • Multiple Accounts