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Why handwritten marketing works

Digital advertising is anonymous and impersonal. A personalized handwritten note is one of the most effective ways to engage with customers, and cut through the noise to ensure that your message is heard.

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New school tech
old school effect

Scribeless uses artificial intelligence to learn real people’s handwriting, and faithfully recreate it at scale with variability and imperfection so it is indiscernible from the original style.

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Make e-commerce feel personal

Scribeless On-Demand allows e-commerce businesses to automate and print personalized notes in their facility to include in packages.

This delights customers, increases customer retention, improves reviews, and can make gifting feel more special.

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Wide Variety of Handwriting Styles to Suit Your Brand

2000+ Integrations to Automate Outreach

Analytics Tools to Track Campaign Response

Drag and Drop Editor to Design Your Stationery

We save you time, money, and a sore wrist

The Scribeless platform makes it easy to send 1 or 100,000 notes.

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Automate everything

We integrate with over 2000 CRMs and e-commerce platforms so you can automate handwritten outreach.

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Capterra - Excellent  4.9 out of 5

Case studies and use cases

Our new best kept trade secret

These are probably the best "handwritten" mailers on the market. I have been searching for over a year for a perfect solution and Scribeless is just that.

We look forward to placing many more orders in the near future. This is our new best kept trade secret.

Jonathan L.
Lotus Capital Partners

The notes are incredibly realistic

Scribeless On Demand makes it easy for us to include personalized ‘handwritten’ notes inside our boxes, which delights our customers and makes our gifting experience so much more special.

The notes are incredibly realistic, and it took us under an hour to get started. We’ve even started sending notes out with samples, which has resulted in a sharp increase in engagement!

Sonny Drinkwater

Thoroughly recommend to others

An innovative service that offers a truly unique approach to marketing. Rob and James offer the best customer service in the game and get the job done. Their products are of an incredibly high standard and fully customizable. I'm also a fan of the subscription service that is without the tricky clause one has come to expect. Thoroughly recommend to others looking to increase their response rates and a very reasonable rate considering the high quality of product and service.

Oscar Hearndon.
NFU Mutual

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