Direct Mail: the last piece of the puzzle?

Direct Mail: the last piece of the puzzle?

Recently we published an article explaining why you should use direct mail marketing as part of a multi-channel campaign.

You could consider this as something of a follow up! We’ll be covering a few tips on the ways you can use direct mail marketing and how to optimise it for a multi-channel marketing campaign.

Use It to Stay in Touch

Remember that not everything you send to a client needs to be an ask. Marketing can also include messages of goodwill and touching base.

These messages not only show that you’re a business who cares about its clients. They also increase customer loyalty and encourage future sales.

But most of all, they ensure that you remain present in your customer’s minds.

They may not be looking to make a purchase right now, but keeping in touch with frequent intimate correspondence means that you’ll be the first thing they think of when they are.

A multi-channel marketing campaign means that you are ever-present in your customers' lives.

Don’t only ever use this opportunity when you’re looking for revenue. Use it to become a regular part of your customers' lives.

And what better way to do this than with the personalization of handwritten?

Take Your Hands Off with Marketing Automation

Sometimes direct mail needs a little bit of a helping hand. This is why incorporating it into a multi-channel marketing strategy is such a great idea.

By having a central control point through which multi-channel marketing can be tracked and organized, it becomes much easier to measure the effectiveness of direct mail.

Automation tools such as Zapier, and CRM services like Hubspot are readily accessible and can be used for a direct mail marketing campaign through Scribeless.

Customer information can be pooled through Hubspot so you can segment your mailing lists with ease. Targeting the most qualified leads means that you don’t waste excess materials that make up direct mail marketing’s biggest costs.

Zapier can make implementing ongoing direct mail marketing much easier through automated triggers.

Want to maintain a great relationship with a customer after a purchase? Set up an automated handwritten note to thank them for their business and let them know that you’re happy to help.

Want to let a customer know about a similar product that you think they’ll love? Automatically deliver a handwritten note when the new product is available for purchase.

Remember to Maintain Brand Consistency

Here’s just a handy tip to make sure that your marketing is looking its best.

When running a multi-channel marketing campaign, it’s crucial that you maintain brand consistency across all channels. If you’re looking to increase sales of a specific product, make sure this is the feature and CTA on every piece of marketing material.

There’s nothing more confusing than having a piece of direct mail advertising a 10% discount on one product that features a link to a webpage showcasing a voucher for a free gift.

Even the content itself needs to be consistent. Don’t play the casual card in an email while demonstrating your luxuriousness and professionalism in a physical insert.

Remember that you aren’t running several marketing campaigns simultaneously. That can be a disaster. You’re running a singe multi-channel marketing strategy.

Direct Mail Needs Digital Support

We’ve mentioned it a few times already, but we cannot emphasize this point enough.

It used to be that direct mail marketing functioned independently from the digital world. Production, distribution, and measurement all took place in the physical realm.

With multi-channel marketing, this is no longer the case.

Direct mail can essentially connect to any CRM or marketing automation tool.

This way, when a workflow meets a step that involved delivering physical direct mail, it is no different than sending an email or digital newsletter.

Upgrade your direct mail marketing with handwritten and use Scribeless to connect it to your CRM and automation tools. Direct mail boasts engagement rates way above email marketing.

Handwritten has been proven to improve upon them even further, with results as high as an 82% increase.

With the ease of our integrations, there’s no longer a reason why you shouldn’t incorporate personalized handwritten direct mail as part of a wider multi-channel marketing campaign.

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