Private school growth strategies

Private school growth strategies

If you are looking to increase enrollment in your private school, you probably have come across a myriad of marketing ideas to extend your digital reach, engage your current community, and build your school’s brand as an establishment that leaves parents clamoring to get their children in. Go-to methods such as creating an optimized website, partnering with lower-level schools, and hosting open houses are important. However, in order to establish your school as a top notch institution, it is necessary to consider more unique methods to stand out from the crowd. Potential applicants and their families are doing lots of research before they even reach out to your school. That's why it is vital to not only build an online presence that answers all of their questions about your school’s offerings, but also to focus on key elements that could make the difference between choosing your school over another.

What Is The Number One Way Private Schools Attract Parents?

Word of mouth marketing is the number one way prospective parents find out about a school, and therefore focusing on creating an environment with a strong school-parent relationship and active alumni base is essential to growing your school’s enrollment. When alumni, parents, and students feel an emotional connection to their school, they will talk about it with pride and fervor to anyone and everyone they come across. This connection is not built by creating fancy websites or pouring money into online advertisements; it is formed by building relationships and making past and present students and their families feel like they are part of something special, an extended family they are proud to be connected to.

How To Create Loyal Fans

Personal communication is key, and for private schools, it must work from the inside out. In the digital world filled with constant streams of emails, social media notifications, text messages and more it can seem an almost impossible task to create a brand presence that elevates itself in a personal way. Personalized emails and text messages no longer have the impact they used to, since they now get lost in a sea of hundreds of others on a daily basis. In order to create raving friends, fans, and a sense of family as the voice that markets for you, this is the best time to go old school.

Balancing Tradition and Tech

The private school industry has a long tradition of exclusivity, higher education, and personal attention to its’ community. In order to keep the integrity of that brand while still adapting to our technological world, a balance must be achieved when it comes to personal communication. Private schools that continue (or reintroduce) the practice of handwritten correspondence as part of building community and reaching prospective families will not only maintain the heritage of the private school brand, but also establish themselves as unique and special in today’s tech world. Handwritten notes and cards can be used for all types of communication:

  • Internally (current students, parents, faculty, alumni)
  • Externally (engaging prospective students).

This simple, time honored art is a powerful tool to grow a quality brand, build loyalty, and ultimately grow student body numbers.

The Power of the Handwritten Note

Handwritten notes make the recipient feel cared for and special, and convey a personal touch that private school families expect. Beyond the thank you, handwritten notes can be used for all types of communications -  from teachers to parents, faculty to alumni, in direct mail campaigns introducing your school, or for sending event invitations to your next open school day.This practice of cutting through the noise and connecting directly will inspire confidence with the adult members of your community, create an environment where they feel heard and are proud their children are attending a quality educational establishment. Achieve this and their voices will be the best type of advertising your school could get.

Stand Out With Scribeless

It all makes sense, but the reality may be that your private school doesn't have the staff, time, or resources to commit to such a vital undertaking. Fortunately, handwriting services do all the work while your school reaps the benefits. Scribeless will create and distribute customized handwritten notes on quality paper for every type of event, correspondence, or campaign. Scribeless creates the perfect balance of maintaining the power of the handwritten note while automating the process so it can be produced and distributed quickly for any occasion. Stand out with Scribeless by requesting a free sample today!

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