Boosting brand loyalty for e-commerce

Boosting brand loyalty for e-commerce

In a world of endless emails and countless digital screens invading every minute of our lives, handwritten marketing is an excellent way for your company to break through all of the noise, get noticed, and bring some personalization to your marketing.

Traditional push marketing is no longer viable in our tech world as customers have become a partner in the conversation (think unboxing videos, social media, and influencers) making relationship marketing even more important than ever! And there is no better way to build relationships than with a handwritten note thanking your customer for their purchase, offering them a discount, or checking in.

What is handwritten marketing?

Handwritten marketing is precisely what it sounds like: using the handwritten word paired with creative marketing to connect to your customer base.

How does handwritten marketing work?

Handwritten marketing creates a personal connection to your customer base that emails, digital ads, social media posts and other traditional marketing methods never can. Every opportunity that your company has to connect with its target demographic is an opportunity to insert handwritten marketing.

If you are an e-commerce business, consider including a handwritten thank you note as part of your branded packaging strategy or send as a follow up a couple of weeks after purchase to check in with your customer's satisfaction.

Take your birthday discount program to the next level and instead of the standard emailed coupon, send a handwritten birthday card in the mail - there is an 80% chance the recipient will open it!

Handwritten marketing and the eCommerce abandoned cart

Handwritten marketing is a unique way to tackle the dreaded abandoned cart battle that plagues online retailers. Did you know that only about 3% of e-commerce shopping cart items are converted into purchases? That is over 4 billion dollars per year left in abandoned e-commerce shopping carts, which can be both frustrating and heartbreaking for online retailers.

Go beyond the typical abandoned shopping cart app email that most likely gets lost in the hundreds of other digital correspondence filling your customer's day, and take your marketing to a whole new level. Just imagine the difference a handwritten note would make!

A couple of days later, your customer - or would-be customer - is checking their mail, and sitting amongst the bills, they see a handwritten card from you! Maybe you offer an incentive to close the sale or perhaps just a check-in or a thank you for visiting, anything that would bridge that gap from digital to personal would be unique and special.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the opportunities your company has to include handwritten communications as part of the marketing plan, and all of them will let your customers know that you are going that extra mile because you care. This is where trust begins, and a new contact becomes a loyal customer for life.

Automating your handwritten marketing

Handwritten notes are a great way to reinforce the connection with your e-commerce customers; however, it can often be challenging to find the time to sit down and write all of those notes. Fortunately, tools like Scribeless allow you to automate the handwriting processes easily without ever lifting a pen. You type it out; we write and send it!

For large mailings, you can upload a spreadsheet of names and addresses or easily connect with one of your favorite apps like Shopify or Hubspot to automate the system directly from your CRM or E-commerce site.

How Scribeless can help you

Personalization may be the tool your marketing campaign needs to truly soar and stand out above the rest. We use AI paired with advanced printing technology, whilst an easy-to-use platform makes it simple to implement any outbound campaign. Contact us to see how we can help or request a sample letter to see how unique and personal your automated handwriting campaign can be.

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