Marketing automation for business growth

Marketing automation for business growth

No matter what you have to offer, whether it’s a software platform or the latest product or service, incorporating some sort of marketing automation is a must if you ever want your business to grow. Marketing automation can be any service that helps automate and streamline the marketing process. It’s a fantastic way of increasing productivity, acquiring potential leads, and retaining customers by reducing the amount of time you need to personally invest in those areas. The marketing automation market is huge, and over the next five years it is only going to get bigger, with an estimated value of 3.3 billion in 2019, and a predicted value of 6.4 billion by 2024. This is to be expected, considering just how effective marketing automation can be. In fact, those who have already implemented marketing automation into their business operations have seen resounding results. 80% of users have seen increased lead generation, and 77% have seen a boost in conversion rates. If you use marketing automation right, you could see a serious improvement in employee productivity, which in turn leads to greater customer retention by providing faster, higher-quality service, and the ability to attract and convert more qualified leads. More and more companies are beginning to realize the value of marketing automation, with just over half of all B2B organizations already using it in some form, while a further 34% are looking to incorporate it soon. Basically, if you aren’t using marketing automation, or at least planning to adopt it soon, you’re going to be at a huge disadvantage in the modern world of business.

Things to remember about marketing automation

So where do you start with marketing automation? How much should you be investing in it? Taking the first steps to marketing automation can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re not really sure what processes in your business actually need streamlining. There are a few things you need to consider in order to find out which marketing automation service is best for your business. Research is your best friend, here. If there is a process that is unique to your industry, try and find out if there is any software available that can automate or at least help streamline this unique process. Remember that even if you do find one, not every industry-specific automation tool is going to be a great fit for your company. Some tools automate a variety of processes, while others focus on one. To optimize your financial investment, see if you can effectively automate a number of processes through just a handful of channels. If you have a particularly limited budget for marketing automation then it is definitely worth looking at your workflows to track where your employees are spending the most time. In order to optimize your automation, you need to know what needs the most streamlining! As well as this, consider what you want your automations to achieve. Automating one process with an automation tool may help you acquire more quality leads, while another may free up time so you can look after the ones you have. Again, remember that they’re not all the same and do your research to find the perfect service for you. You must always consider your budget. Some marketing automation strategies can cost hundreds, while others can cost thousands! Think about what kind of money you’re willing to invest, but also keep in mind the potential ROI.

A Few Marketing Automation Tools To Get Started

There are countless options available to you, so if you’re not sure where best to start looking for the marketing automation tool for you, simply scroll down half an inch. Here are a couple of tools that can help really streamline your marketing processes, allowing you to focus more of your time and energy on sales and growing your business. Many of these automation services have prices that scale with your requirements, so whether you run a multinational corporation or a small start-up, these could be the tools you were looking for. But remember, research is key, so don’t just take our word for it. Do some additional research to see if any of these services are right for you.


SendInBlue is a cloud-based marketing software suite that includes a handful of indispensable tools, such as a customer database segmentation engine and an analytics dashboard to measure the success of email marketing campaigns. SendInBlue offers email marketing starting as part of their free plan, and can even be used to run automated email and SMS campaigns.


Autopilot is known for being one of the easiest marketing automation platforms to use. By making their interface a very visual experience, Autopilot ensures that their system is clear and easy to understand, and admittedly a little bit of fun too. Automating email marketing and messaging means that you can deliver fantastic, targeted messages just when the need arises, based on such triggers as a response to a certain message or as a result of a certain period of disengagement.


Zapier is a fantastic tool that connects the apps that you use and transforms them into one seamless workflow. Anyone can create their own integrations with the pressing just a few buttons, and a task that was once a chore can become part of a fully automated system that needs the minimum amount of personal input on your part.


Emails and texts are great at reaching out to people quickly, but these days customers want a much more personal touch. That’s why campaigns that use handwritten marketing can see a 13x ROI. Scribeless is a personalized handwritten notes service that makes sending intimate physical correspondence to your customers as easy as sending an email. The whole process can be fully automated, so a significant boost in customer loyalty, or a 91% increase in engagement levels with new leads, can be achieved without having to maintain constant personal contact with each of your customers. Click here to see how we can help reduce your hours of investment while significantly boosting sales by automating your handwritten marketing.

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