Turn your leads into loyalists

Turn your leads into loyalists

Any savvy business will know how important it is to maintain regular contact with their customers. From the moment that their interest is piqued, through the buying process, and even long after the sale has been made, you should be nurturing your leads, gradually encouraging them to bloom into repeat customers or even brand loyalists! As we're now aware, direct mail marketing is very much alive, and it can be used as so much more than just a novelty way of reaching out to leads.

There are countless studies proving the increased effectiveness of direct mail over its digital counterpart, each reporting statistics like an average ROI of up to 20%, and a 31% increase in brand recall. While these are already great figures, what these studies don’t mention is the significant increase that handwritten personalization can have on the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing.

Customer-business relationships are based on trust. Through exceptional service and an ongoing intimate correspondence, you can begin to develop a relationship that is both meaningful to the customer and actively encourages them to trust in your brand.

Luckily, with Scribeless, you can employ the personal touch at any point during the customer’s journey, so whether they’re a fresh face who’s only just discovered you or a loyal long-term lover of your service, you can use personalized handwritten letters to nurture your customer relationships (and ultimately boost sales)!

Generating Leads

Reaching out to potential leads with a personalized handwritten letter is a sure-fire way to build interest. Not only does the physical approach stand out in an age where the average office worker receives 121 emails per day, but the added level of personalization will help transform your marketing campaigns into an experience that your customers will love to engage with.

For instance, let’s say you’ve gathered a list of possible leads at a trade show. They’ve given you their names and addresses, as well as a few other bits of personal information. Using what information you’ve gathered, you can send personalized handwritten notes to each of your potential clients to follow up on your initial meeting and build interest.

Those who have used Scribeless in the past have seen an increase in leads of over 350% compared to digital and traditional direct mail marketing, so why not try it for yourself?

The important thing to remember is to keep it personal. You and your customer have something in common: you both attended the show, so talk about that! Mention how great it was to meet them in person. If you managed to collect any information from them concerning preferences in products or services, tailor your letter to them to make it more reminiscent of a personal consultation.

After all, 91% of customers say that they’re more likely to buy from someone who remembers them and can offer personalized recommendations.

Building Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

So you’ve made a sale. Time to start putting all your effort into making the next one, right? Wrong! Acquiring a new customer can cost up to five times as much as maintaining an existing one, and studies have shown that something as small as a 5% increase in customer retention can result in a boost in profits of over 25%! There’s no reason you shouldn’t invest in nurturing your existing clientele. It’ll almost certainly pay off.

It’s worth remembering that, in order to build customer-business relationships that stand the test of time, not everything needs to be an ask. You can encourage people to buy from you without even mentioning a sale. Try to keep lines open by sending a personalized Thank You note to show your gratitude for their ongoing support. You could even offer them a loyalty discount to really emphasize the special nature of your relationship, almost guaranteeing that they’ll buy from you again.

There’s an endless list of options on how to build customer trust using Scribeless’ handwritten notes. Be creative with it, and use what information you have available. Planning to attend another event? Send them an invitation! Do you know their date of birth? Send them a handwritten birthday card! If they’ve recently bought one of your products, send them a letter expressing your hope that they enjoy your product, and allow them to reach out to you if they don’t.

No matter what you send, by using personalized handwritten notes in your marketing you will be nurturing a meaningful relationship with your customers and increasing the likelihood that they will buy from you again. After all, customers are much more likely to do business with a company that offers a personal touch.

Re-engaging With Lost Customers

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, so it’s perfectly understandable that you might lose contact with your customers at some point down the line. They may have changed jobs, or have recently married, or have simply just had less time to do business with you. No matter what may be going on in their life, it doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped being a loyal customer. They’re probably just busy!

If you haven’t heard from your customers in a while, consider using a personalized handwritten letter to re-engage with them. Let them know how much you’ve missed hearing from them and show genuine interest by asking if they’ve been well. That’s the key here: be sincere.

If you suspect that they may have been unhappy with your products or services, ask them! Offer a way of making it up to them, either through a change to your service or a product that you think they’ll love. A business that actively seeks to reconnect with its past customers shows that they’re committed to their supporters and works hard to reward loyalty.

Even without counting the numerous benefits that we’ve previously outlined, utilizing handwritten marketing to reach out to your customers looks fantastic from a PR standpoint.

With Scribeless, you can personalize and distribute handwritten letters as easily as sending an email. By choosing handwritten marketing as your primary method of generating leads, providing quality customer service, or re-engaging with customers, you can begin to create a campaign that will result in not only an increase in sales but an increase in customer loyalty.

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