Upgrade to handwritten marketing

Upgrade to handwritten marketing

Direct mail marketing is a tried, dependable, and effective approach to getting your business noticed.  It’s a marketing strategy that has been used for more than 100 years simply because it works.  However, if you’ve never used it before, you may be wondering what is direct mail marketing exactly? The answer may surprise you as direct mail marketing is no doubt something with which you are already very familiar.  It is advertising material that is sent directly to a person, most often delivered right to their mailbox.  It’s a straightforward method and can be a very successful marketing approach.However, it’s essential to keep in mind that not all direct mail campaigns are created equal.  Every business and marketing professional must design mail that gets noticed and doesn’t immediately get tossed into the junk mail pile.  One unique and effective approach is to send handwritten direct mail advertising.

Why Handwritten Direct Mail Makes a Difference

You Get Noticed! A significant advantage of using a handwritten direct mail campaign is that your advertisement will stand out.  You have no doubt checked your mail and seen a handwritten letter or postcard.  You pay more attention to that piece of mail.  Right?Creates Customer Loyalty! Handwritten letters or postcards make us feel special.  It’s the idea that someone took the time to write to us.  It makes the customer feel like they matter and are important.  This creates loyalty.Handwritten Direct Mail Works! Your handwritten advertisement gets noticed, the target audience feels special and valued, and this converts to profits. Case studies show that handwritten direct marketing campaigns can significantly increase customer engagement. For example, here at Scribeless, we helped eXp Realty use personalized handwritten marketing, and their engagement increased by 91%.  Likewise, another client of ours, Hiscox, an insurance provider, gained an 82% growth in client engagement from handwritten direct marketing solutions.Priced for Success! Direct mail advertising costs are affordable and comparable to traditional direct mail.  However, with handwritten mail as opposed to non-handwritten, the money spent translates to a higher rate of return.  For example, Scribeless’s client PrivateFly, a private charter flight booking service, saw a 1300% return on their investment in a handwritten direct mail campaign.  Another client of ours, The Everychild Foundation, also enjoyed the same success with a substantial direct mail response rate that created an 1130% return on their investment.

Pit Falls to Handwritten Direct Mail Marketing

You may be wondering if there are any disadvantages to using handwritten direct mail marketing.  While the pros seem to outweigh the cons by far, the cost and time needed to set up and run a handwritten direct marketing campaign can discourage some businesses. The idea of sitting down and handwriting the address and message onto 500 direct mail postcards can seem daunting.  However, there is a simple solution to this.  A direct mail company can save you money by providing customizable packages to meet your specific needs.  Outsourcing the project will cause you less stress and save you considerable time and money!

The Scribeless Advantage

At Scribeless, we offer handwritten direct mail solutions that are made to fit your business precisely.  No matter if you need 100 or 100,000 handwritten notes, we can quickly and efficiently accommodate all of your needs. Our services are also the most cost-effective on the market.  We use unique and innovative technology that allows us to keep our prices below those of our competitors.  And, one more thing!  Unlike many other similar service providers, we are also able to mail internationally.  If your business is global, we can create the perfect handwritten direct mail campaign for you.If you would like more information or to request a free quote or sample of our handwritten direct postcards and other options, please visit our website. We look forward to working and writing for you to create the perfect handwritten direct mail ideas!

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