Handwritten client appreciation

Handwritten client appreciation

Imagine this: You go to your favourite restaurant. The owner recognises you immediately and greets you with a handshake and an open smile. They take you to your favourite table at the back with the comfy chairs and the atmospheric mood lighting. They offer you a little complimentary something (maybe olives or flatbreads) before you even get to look at the menu. They remember your favourite meal and have a number of recommendations that they think you might like. This restaurant knows you and will do everything it can to ensure that you have the best time with them. Sounds good, right?

So why is it that nearly half the number of active companies are still pooling the majority of their resources into acquiring new customers, rather than looking to retain the ones they have? Winning over the loyalty of a brand new customer is shown to be five times as costly as reminding an existing customer why they chose you in the first place, and something as small as a 5% increase in customer retention can result in a 25% increase in profit.

Finding creative ways to let your customers know that you care about them can be extremely beneficial to your business and to the customer experience as a whole. In a time where the most interaction that a consumer has with the brands that they buy from is a random ad appearing on their social media page, sending your customers a personalised handwritten letter is a fantastic, affordable way of establishing an engaging and meaningful relationship that encourages brand loyalty.

Scribeless is here to give you a few ideas of the types of handwritten letter that you can send to your customers to let them know that they’re on your mind and boost customer engagement.

A Letter to Offer Something New

Let’s say Stacey has been a loyal customer for years. She’s been so happy with the quality of your products that she’s made the same purchases month after month. Thanks to those loyal customers like Stacey, you’ve had a steady growth over the past year and are now able to offer a whole new range of amazing products. Most businesses would seize the opportunity to send out a mass email to every customer that they have on record. They want everyone to know that there is now more stuff to choose from. But what does this mean for Stacey who’s been buying the same products all this time? Precious little. She’s likely to skim through this email (if she opens it at all) and quickly decide that nothing could be better than her longtime favourites.

How about this? Rather than reaching out to Stacey with an email that’s likely to go straight into the trash, send her a handwritten note tailored specifically to her preferences. Thank her for her continued support, and let her know how happy you are that she loves your products. Then tell her about two or three of your new products and let her know why you think she’d love them too. Did you know that an existing customer is like to buy from you 60-70% of the time, while a new customer is only like to buy from you 5-20% of the time? A handwritten letter like this is incredibly personal, lets your customers know that you’re thankful for their custom, and tells them that you’re always looking for new ways to make sure they’re happy with the service that you provide.

A Letter to Follow Up

In the digital age, information is key. Whether it’s a first time buyer or a repeat purchaser, it’s important to know your customers. What they like, what they don’t like, whether they appreciate a quick customer experience, or whether they’d prefer that you take the time to ensure that their needs are met. All of this is valuable information that any smart business will make sure to know. That’s why it’s always important to follow up with your customers after they make a purchase.

Sending a handwritten note (either alongside their purchase or shortly afterwards) is a clever alternative to an email that lets you hit three birds with one stone: It lets your customer know that you are thankful for their purchase. It opens up communications between you and your customer, allowing them to tell you how satisfied they are with their purchase. It reassures your customer that you care about them, and their experience with your service.

If you specialize in tailor-made items that take a little more time to produce and send to your customers, then a handwritten note is also an excellent way of letting them know that you haven’t forgotten about them, and that their item will be with them soon. The extra care given here will encourage the customer to remain patient during the extended wait time and make it all the more exciting when their product arrives.

A Letter to Keep in Touch

Haven’t heard from your Stacey in a while? Not a problem! She still loves you (and your business), maybe she’s just been a bit busy lately. She's not your ex, you can let her know that you’ve been thinking of her.

Remind your customers why they fell in love with you in the first place with a handwritten letter to catch up. Let them know that you’ve missed their custom and offer a few deals that you think they’d appreciate. You can even ask them if there are any areas of your service that you could improve upon. Your customers are a loyal bunch, and loyal customers are more than happy to tell others about their great experiences. In fact, 52% of customers say that they would try a new product based on a friend’s recommendation. With such a loyal and dedicated group, it would be a shame to let them slip away. With Scribeless, you can send your supporters personal handwritten notes to let them know that you still care about them, and remind them of the good times you’ve had together.

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Using Scribeless is an easy service to send handwritten notes to your customers, and with the option of setting up regular deliveries to your clients, you can make sure that they always feel looked after. You just come up with the words and Scribeless will handle the rest, printing, postage, and all.

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