Promotional codes for event organizers

Promotional codes for event organizers

So, you’re hosting an event. And why wouldn’t you be!? Events can increase awareness of your brand, generate loyal customers, and get a great ROI while doing so, and 42% of marketers say that events are the single-most effective marketing channel, trumping both digital advertisement and email marketing. The next thing you want to do is boost event attendance.

Unfortunately, events aren’t easy to pull off, and sometimes actually getting people to show up can be the trickiest part. Luckily for you, though, there are plenty of ways to boost event attendance, chief among which is the promo code. Promo codes are small incentives that event organizers can offer their customers to encourage them to attend the event. They can be used in a number of ways and can be designed to achieve different results.

Here are some of the ways that promo codes can be used to boost event attendance and, when combined with the extra level of personalization provided by Scribeless, could lead to your event winning big.

Try Offering a Discount

Who would say no to a good deal? No one. So what better way to encourage your customers to come to your event than by offering them a discounted price with a special promotional code. 68% of customers say that offering a discounted price on a product helps generate loyalty, so a limited lower price of admission to your event not only increases the chances of ticket sales, it is also likely to result in customers returning to a repeat of the event at a later date, and encourages them to remain loyal to your brand as a whole.

Naturally, offering too many tickets at a reduced price will eventually start negatively affecting your ROI so it’s best to keep them limited. Thankfully, this will only increase the demand for these special promo codes, and by extension, increase demand for your event.

It’s also worth remembering that customers can be a pretty hesitant bunch. As well as offering only a limited amount, attaching an expiry date onto your promo codes will imply a sense of urgency and drastically reduce customer procrastination, boosting immediate ticket sales and building the momentum you need to open with a bang.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

The early bird ticket can be in the form of a reduced ticket price, or it can involve a variety of other incentives, from access to exclusive content at your event to a free trial of your product or service. No matter what it is you include with your early bird ticket the idea is to encourage immediate ticket sales, which in turn shows that your event is popular and will encourage others to attend.

Industry professionals agree that early bird tickets are the most effective tactic when it comes to selling tickets, as it not only encourages immediate ticket sales, it can also be used as a valuable source of information. By offering different incentives into your early bird scheme, you can see which your customers most actively desire, and can therefore tailor the rest of your event around your findings.

Boost Attendance with a Few Freebies

Now I know the idea of offering free tickets isn’t all that appealing to an event organizer, but hear me out. Offering something so desirable can get people talking. You can draw a lot of attention to your event by making a very small number of free tickets available to the public through a competition or a random giveaway. Customers would love the opportunity to go to an event for free, and enticing them with these limited-edition promo codes will encourage them to engage with your business much more than they would do under regular circumstances.

Naturally, as you wouldn’t expect them to pay for their entry to your event, you can also offer these promo codes to members of staff and guest speakers. While it’s a given to them that they’ll be working there, treating them as a guest with a handwritten invitation and a promo code of their own is bound to make their time there a much more enjoyable experience. You can also offer a promo code for a free ticket to VIPs, whose very presence at your event is likely to build interest and drive further ticket sales.

If you’re totally against the idea of free tickets, then offering a promo code for discounted admission is fine too! These would also be appropriate for customers who have attended your events in the past as a reward for their loyalty.

If you don’t want to lose too much, just offer a discount to VIPS like repeat attendees or as a perk for presenting at your event. While those who have already paid to promote a product at your event shouldn’t be expected to pay extra to enter, offering discounted tickets to friends and family of those promoting can encourage other businesses to rent a booth at your event.

Being Personal Is Being Memorable

If you want to take it that extra step further and make your promo codes part of an unforgettable event, try delivering them with a personalized handwritten letter. By using Scribeless’ handwritten notes service, you can transform your invitations, promo codes, or any correspondence, into an intimate experience that will only add further distinction to your event as a whole. Imagine receiving a bespoke invitation to an event, with an attached promo code for discounted entry, all appearing to be written by hand! Now that’s service.

With Scribeless’ seamless integrations, the process can even be automated. As a response to an online purchase, we can send a personalized handwritten letter with an appropriate promo code, all of which is designed by you. Sending thousands of personal, intimate physical invitations directly is now as easy as sending an email. So why not try Scribeless today? Click here to see how Scribeless can help you boost your event’s attendance levels.

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