A festive thank you!

A festive thank you!

Christmas is fast approaching. What better time to show gratitude for all the kindness you’ve received throughout the year? Remember though, simply muttering "thanks a bunch" or sending a quick “you’re the best” email doesn’t always cut it. Being so impersonal doesn't scream 'spirit of the season'.To help perpetuate those good holiday vibes, Scribeless has created a list of alternative ways to say thank you. We’ve also thrown in a bit of history so you can see how showing thanks has evolved over the years. If you need a little inspiration, feel free to use any of these ideas in your own quest to show gratitude.

Send Handwritten Thank You Notes

If someone has gone that extra mile for you then a simple verbal thank you definitely isn’t enough. Whether they’ve sent you a large gift or gone out of their way to do something that you did not expect, a handwritten thank you note is a brilliant way to express your gratitude.The first ever handwritten note is thought to have been written in 500 BC by Persian Queen Atossa. That’s an old practice! It only became more and more popular over the millennia as society on average became more literate. Handwritten notes grew to take many forms throughout history, from love letters and declarations of war, to letters of apology and little thank you notes.Thank you notes quickly became a staple of many cultures, and while the convenience of email has reduced the number of handwritten letters sent today, something about the intimacy of handwritten notes still manages to touch people’s hearts. That’s why you should never let sending a handwritten note become something of a chore.By sending a handwritten thank you note, you show the recipient that you care. The important thing is to always be sincere and never be afraid to show your true feelings. We know it can be tempting to write a general template ‘Thanks’ if you have a lot of people you’re grateful for, but you should make sure that you personalize each thank you note.Luckily, Scribeless can help deliver handwritten notes at scale, so no matter how many people you’re writing to, you can personalise all of your thank you notes as quick and easily as writing a single email.

Become a Modern Day Santa and Give Gifts of Your Own

Giving gifts to show thanks is a common practice the world over. In fact, gift giving is one of the oldest traditions known to humankind. Even cavemen used to give tokens of appreciation. It’s thought that tribe leaders would give gifts as a way of thanking members of their tribe for their contributions. Talk about being a great boss!If you want to give your thank you a bit of weight (emotionally and physically!) then consider giving a gift. As always, personalisation is key here. Don’t just buy any box standard gift. Put the time in to pick something your recipient will enjoy, and definitely be wary of things like food allergies!

Stand Out From The Crowd to Make It Memorable

The more memorable the thank you, the more important it is going to be for the recipient. That’s why going above and beyond is always better than making your thank you too subtle. Here’s where you can really let your creativity shine.Your thank you can be as simple as giving your recipient some of your time. Invite them to a little one on one chat. Giving them your full attention, if only for an hour or so, will really show that you are grateful for them. This could be for a coffee or a lunch. It might be worth footing their bill too, if you really want to show your thanks!Depending on the type of person that your recipient is, you could make your thank you a bit of a show. If you’re looking to thank a colleague, publicly acknowledging what your recipient has done to deserve a thanks lets everyone else in the company know that they’re working with a real star. Make an announcement or offer an award. Making a spectacle of your gratitude will help demonstrate just how special you consider the recipient’s actions.

Embrace the Spirit of the Season

On the other end of the spectrum, your recipient may be a little on the shy side. They’re not likely to enjoy their actions being publicly announced, no matter how grateful you are. Here’s a great opportunity to send a handwritten thank you note or give a gift away from the rest of your workforce. This will make the whole exchange much more intimate, and in many ways, much more meaningful to your recipient.They may also be a ‘no thanks necessary’ kind of person and would much prefer that you pay your thanks forward by doing something special for someone else. If you believe that they’re this kind of person, then you could make a small donation to a charity that they support.It’s important to show your gratitude for the hardworking people in your life. Make sure you show your thanks this Christmas. You’re bound to find that others will be doing the same. Start the season of giving right by showing people that you value them and appreciate all they do for you. Click here to deliver personalized handwritten notes quickly and easily.

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