Make it personal

Make it personal

While it’s true that online marketing has many advantages for the modern business, it seems that, in an increasingly digital world, people are starting to miss the proven-to-be-effective marketing tactics of the past. More specifically, the personal touch. Direct mail marketing has existed since one man wanted to influence another, that is, since the start of humanity as we know it. There is evidence of advertising (with clear calls to action, no less) written on papyrus from Egypt 1000 B.C., and traveling Babylonian merchants were said to distribute stone tablets with a list of their available products upon entering a new town.

Surely something that has existed across millennia couldn’t have died over the course of a few years, even with such a boom in technological advancement. The answer is no, of course not. Direct mail marketing is still very much alive, and it still has lots of advantages to digital marketing. In fact, in a time when the average office worker receives 121 emails a day, people see direct mail marketing as a welcome alternative. That’s why up to 80-90% of direct mail gets opened, as opposed to 20-30% of emails.

For many customers, direct mail is the preferred method of communication with businesses, and it is much more likely to encourage the recipient to take positive action, particularly if they are of a younger demographic. So to put it simply, a direct mail marketing campaign is a fantastic way for businesses to break through the confusing clutter of an overcrowded digital sphere and stand out to the consumer. If you're still a little unsure, here are a few tips on how to make the most of the advantages of a direct mail marketing campaign.

Be Specific With Who You’re Marketing To

It’s important that you’re sending the right thing to the right person. Funnyman Karl Pilkington once said, “If you’ve not bungee jumped by the time you’re 78, you’re not going to do it”, so you shouldn't waste your efforts advertising an extreme sports weekend to an elderly couple. You can include the same calls to action across various groups, but you need to make sure that those groups want what it is you’re trying to sell. Use the data you have to identify your ideal recipients and segment your direct mail marketing to target these individuals.

Know What You Want

What is the point of your direct mail marketing campaign? A general, bland letter isn’t going to inspire any trust in your customers. Their time is precious, and they’ll feel like you’ve wasted it. Make your CTAs as clear as possible to make the most of your campaign. Remember, direct mail is supposed to stand out from the drudgery of repeat emails, so you need to emphasize this in your marketing. Know what you want and express it plainly to your recipients. You'll be surprised by how many people appreciate when businesses are direct with them.

Keep an Eye On Your Performance

One downside to direct mail marketing is the difficulty of measuring its effectiveness. For example, a customer may receive a letter that encourages them to go to the company’s website, or to their store on the high-street, but because it is possible that they may have done either of those things without the influence of the direct mail marketing, the campaign is not given the credit that it deserves.

You can combat this problem in a number of ways. You could include a campaign-specific URL in your marketing, or a unique QR code that is accepted in-store. These will help you keep track and measure the campaign’s ROI and can supply you with essential data that may influence future campaigns.

Make It Personal

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that one of the biggest advantages of direct mail marketing is how incredibly intimate it can be, particularly when compared to the cold distance of email. Direct mail is the perfect opportunity to let your customers know that they aren’t merely targets to you, but people whose custom you are thankful for. By making each point of correspondence a personal and meaningful experience, you can help boost the effectiveness of your campaign and cultivate loyalty in your customers.

Rather than simply pushing a sale on your clients, start to form a relationship with them. Keeping it personal will encourage them to trust you, maybe even love you! Before you know it, they’ll be delighted to receive a letter from you and will be touched that you have chosen to offer them such fantastic deals. Once they’ve made a purchase, follow up with them and ask how they found the product/ buying experience. They’ll be glad to let you know how happy they are, or how you could improve, all of which is valuable information if you want to nurture this mutually beneficial relationship.

The aim of direct mail marketing is to encourage specific action from your customers, but by using Scribeless to create and deliver personalized handwritten letters, it can also be an incredible method of maintaining a loyal customer base and boosting overall sales. With Scribeless' seamless integration with Zapier, segmenting your customers into specific campaigns couldn't be easier, making the whole process quick and easy, no harder than sending an email. Choosing handwritten marketing over email or traditional direct mail is a small change that can make a world of difference.

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