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Make e-commerce feel more personal

Including a personalized handwritten note with your packages will delight your customers, increase retention and result in better reviews. We use technology to make it quick and easy.

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Easy integration with your facility

A personalized handwritten note makes online shopping feel less anonymous, but writing notes out is impractical at scale. We use artificial intelligence and laser printing to automate everything, making it easy to delight your customers, increase retention and get better reviews.

Our notes are indiscernible from human handwriting and can be created in seconds, seamlessly in your production line.

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New school tech, old school effect

Online shopping is impersonal, and it can be hard to build relationships and loyalty with your customers. A personalized handwritten note makes customers feel valued and demonstrates how much you care.

Delight customers

A personalized handwritten note makes the customer experience more special.

Increase retention

Developing a more personal relationship with customers builds loyalty.

Improve reviews

Happy customers leave better reviews, which are a great way to make your products stand out.

Personalize gifting

Make your gifting experience more special, with a personalized handwritten note

Create your campaign

Design your stationery with our drag and drop editor, before writing your message with your favourite handwriting style. Use merge variables such as customer name or product type to personalize each note to its’ recipient.

Choose your triggers

Trigger notes automatically with our Shopify and Shopify flow apps, or connect to thousands more platforms over Zapier or our REST API. You can trigger notes for all customers, or target segments such as first time buyers.

Setup your printer

You will need a 1200 DPI colour printer hooked up to a computer with our free companion software. Choose to print immediately, or to time with other stages in your packaging process.

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Our AI can learn any handwriting style, and recreate it with variability and controlled imperfection so it is indiscernible from human handwriting. Our algorithms simulate pen pressure and ink flow, so every character generated is unique.

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Scribeless On-Demand provides a great way for us to scale our business and create letters that have a meaningful impact on healthcare workers and the community. Instead of simply sending out digital messages, Scribeless helps us create physical cards with a personal touch. Scribeless has been a great resource for us here at Frontline Strong in supporting healthcare workers on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19!

Hunter Tam

Founder, Frontline Strong
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