Panasonic increase sales by 18% with 10,000 Scribeless notes
Panasonic's letter

Panasonic wanted to showcase their new product in a campaign across Europe. Their aims were to boost interest in their new product, stand out from the digital noise to acquire potential sales and determine which of their trialled marketing channels delivered the most effective campaign. And which one was most successful? Their personalized handwritten marketing campaign.

The Facts

  • Panasonic wanted to specifically target public service employees who were in need of more resilient IT equipment.
  • They tasked Scribeless with creating and distributing 10,000 personalized handwritten letters with accompanying inserts to exhibit a new product.
  • The target for the campaign was a 4x ROI.

The Results

  • Using our custom handwritten notes service, Panasonic achieved a strong return on investment of 7.3x - almost double their initial target.
  • The campaign saw a huge boost in interest levels, and the purchase rate surpassed all other marketing channels, coinciding with an 18% increase in sales.
Customer acquisition
7.3X ROI
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