Panasonic increase sales by 18% with 10,000 Scribeless notes

Key Facts

  • Panasonic wanted to showcase their new product in a campaign across Europe.
  • 10,000 handwritten notes and inserts were sent to individuals working in the public sectors.
  • They saw an 18% increase in sales over direct mail marketing and achieved an ROI of 7.3.

Scribeless was tasked with creating and distributing 10,000 personalized handwritten letters with accompanying inserts to exhibit a new product. The target for the campaign was a 4x ROI.

Panasonic specifically targeted public service employees in need of more resilient IT equipment, with aims to:

  • Boost interest in their new product
  • Stand out from the digital noise to acquire potential sales
  • Determine which of the trialled marketing channels delivers the most effective campaign.


Using our custom handwritten notes service, Panasonic achieved a strong return on investment of 7.3x, almost double their initial target. The campaign saw a huge boost in interest levels and the purchase rate surpassed all other marketing channels, with an 18% increase in sales.

Customer acquisition
7.3X ROI
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