Case Study: Luxury Hotel Achieves 18% Increase in Repeat Bookings

HyattHotelsusedScribeless’personalisedhandwritten notes service to create & distribute40,000handwrittennotestofirst-timeguestsofaselectedhotel.

Luxury hospitality company Hyatt Hotels used Scribeless’ personalised handwritten notes service to create & distribute 40,000 handwritten notes to first-time guests of a selected hotel. The primary goal was to increase the numberofrepeatbookingsmade,while upholding the high standards of qualityforwhichthecompanyisknown.

  • HyattHotelswantedtoincreasethenumberofrepeatbookingsfromfirst-timevisitors
  • 40,000handwrittennotesweresenttore-engagewithfirst-timevisitors
  • Thecampaignsawa635%increaseinresponseratesovertheir traditional direct mail & email campaigns and an 18% increase in repeat bookings.


Increase in response rate over traditional direct mail & email campaigns


Increase in repeat bookings