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Hyatt increased repeat bookings by 18% in a famously fickle industry
Hyatt's letter

Hyatt have been entertaining guests for both business and leisure since the 1950s, and now have resorts spanning 3 continents, but with staunch competition from newer models such as AirBnB, it is even harder than ever to inspire loyalty from new customers in the hospitality industry. Despite this, Hyatt managed to increase its retention of new customers by 18%. Their secret? Sending personalized handwritten notes to their recent customers.

The Facts

  • Hyatt Hotels wanted to increase the number of repeat bookings from first-time visitors to one of their hotels.
  • 40,000 handwritten notes were sent to re-engage with first-time visitors after their stay, personally thanking them for visiting.
  • The campaign saw a 635% increase in response rates over their traditional direct mail and email campaigns.

The Results

  • Hyatt saw almost 1 in 5 first-time visitors go on to make repeat bookings.
  • The 635% higher response rate to these letters resulted in an 18% increase in repeat bookings.
  • The 40,000 recipients were considerably more likely to leave a positive review.

Customer retention
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18% uplift in repeat bookings
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