CogX attract countless high profile speakers to their event with 6000 handwritten invites
The CogX invite

CogX is the world’s foremost AI festival, enticing a crowd of around 15,000 high-profile politicians, researchers and businesspeople this year. But how have CogX managed to attract such distinguished attendees? With personalized handwritten invites.

The Facts

  • In 2019, CogX used Scribeless to send 3000 handwritten invites to high-profile people from all walks of life to speak at their event, recognising the value of a more personal invitation.
  • Scribeless handled the process in full, producing and mailing invitations throughout the US, UK and all around the world.
  • Not only did CogX use Scribeless for its invitations, it also sent out handwritten event follow ups to attendees to increase loyalty, and to provide a personal experience even after the event itself had finished.

The Results

  • Their first handwritten marketing campaign attracted so much talent that CogX came back to Scribeless the following year, impressed with the service and looking to go again in 2020:
"Given the incredible turnaround previously, I'd like to work with you again for our next campaign." - Amy Tsang, Marketing Manager
  • With the ramping up of the campaign, many more high profile speakers flocked to the 2020 event, making CogX more of a monumental success than ever:
  • Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London)
  • Alison Rose (CEO, RBS)
  • Omar Sultan Al Olama (Minister of State for AI, UAE)
  • Anne Boden (CEO, Starling Bank)
  • Stan Boland (CEO, FiveAI)
  • Chris Corrado (CIO & COO, London Stock Exchange Group)
  • Jacquelline Fuller (VP, Google and President of, Google)
  • Ling Ge (Head of Europe, Tencent Holdings)
  • Rakshit Kapoor (Group COO, HSBC)
  • Iarla Kilbanee-Daw (Head of Phi Lab, European Space Agency)
  • Tony Blair (Former Prime Minister of the UK, Executive Chairman, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change)
  • Clare Barclay (COO, Microsoft UK)
  • Ann Cairns (Executive Vice Chairman, Mastercard)
  • Stephen Fitzpatrick (CEO, Ovo Group)
  • Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE (Founder - the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace, The Jane Goodall Institute)
  • John Kerry (68th United States Secretary of State, Founder World War Zero)
  • Christina Koch (Astronaut, NASA)
  • Mary Robinson (Former President of Ireland)
  • Baroness Kate Rock (Member of the House of Lords / Founding Board Member of Centre for Data Ethics)
  • Sir Martin Sorrell (Executive Chairman, S4 Capital)
  • Tim Davie (CEO, BBC Studios)
  • Andy Haldane (Chief Economist, Bank of England)
  • Nicola Mendelsohn CBE (Vice President, Facebook EMEA, Facebook)
  • Paul Clarke (CTO, Ocado)
  • Ben Davey (CEO, Barclays Ventures)
  • Richard Davies (Chief Operating Officer, Revolut)
  • Tim Draper (Founder, Draper Associates)
  • Brent Hoberman (Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Founders Factory)
  • Leif Johansson (Chairman of AstraZeneca)
  • Adrian Lovett (President & CEO, World Wide Web Foundation)
  • Paul Stein (CTO, Rolls-Royce)
  • Chris Wigley, (CEO, Genomics England)
  • The Right Honourable Matt Hancock (Secretary of State for Health and Social Care)
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Handwritten invites attracted high profile talent from across the globe
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