Handwritten for events organizers

Handwritten for events organizers

When it comes to organising an event, selling your tickets is simultaneously your ultimate goal and your biggest obstacle. It's tough because it involves getting word of your event out there, and people are already being flooded with advertisements and invitations to this and that on a daily basis. It's gotten to the point where customers are now numb to most forms of marketing! 40% of event marketers say that email marketing is the most effective channel of promoting an event, so you’d think that’s the way to go about it, right? Nope. Despite the resounding belief in email marketing, the average campaign only sees an email click-through rate of 2.69%. So maybe social media is the way forward. Social media marketing is definitely something you should be utilizing to get your event into the public eye. After all, 96% of event marketers are already doing it! The problem is that this is a very laid-back, low-pressure approach that doesn’t demand that your potential attendees take action. And with so many events already clogging their social media feed, it can be hard to make yours stand out. Why not try an alternative marketing channel that is almost guaranteed to get results? Handwritten marketing has many benefits over email, social media, or even traditional direct mail marketing, and while it may sound like an archaic, time-consuming way of reaching out to people, with Scribeless the process of engaging with hundreds or even thousands of potential event attendees can be as easy as sending a single email. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider using handwritten notes as your new event marketing channel:

Handwritten Conveys High Levels of Quality

Emails are ten a penny (actually they’re much cheaper). They’re barely opened, barely read through, and very rarely lead to ticket sales. One huge factor for this is because they’re so common. In fact, the average office worker receives 121 emails a day. There’s very little that comes across as special about emails, especially when there are so many circulating the digital world. Remember, deleting an email is as easy as pressing a button. A physical handwritten letter can convey a sense of quality that emails can never imitate, and your event's image will benefit from this. Creating and distributing handwritten letters shows a willingness to invest both time and money into your marketing campaign. Naturally, this also suggests that you’re willing to do the same for the event itself. The trick here is that, with Scribeless, you can design, produce, and distribute your own handwritten marketing campaign with ease. Our use of a unique AI and advanced printing technology maximizes cost-effectiveness without sacrificing quality too. In fact, all of our notes are made with a premium notecard, and we only use high-quality envelopes fixed with first-class stamps.

They Highlight Exclusivity and Demonstrate Your Willingness to Personalize

It’s true, you can personalize an email if you’ve got the appropriate information on hand. Unfortunately, the average customer is no longer fooled by email personalization. Studies have found that when both an email’s message and subject line are personalized to the recipient, they have an open rate of just 5.9% and a click rate of 0.2%.The convenience of email marketing has been abused to the point where even personalization doesn’t improve its effectiveness. Handwritten marketing, however, hasn't garnered such mistrust, and a personalized handwritten letter or note is opened almost every time (95%+). A physical invitation that is both handwritten and personalized suggests exclusivity and makes attendance to your event much more desirable.

Handwritten Letters Imply a Sense of Urgency

No one is rushing to open a letter that doesn’t even have their name on it. Or worse, one with ‘the homeowner’ stamped onto a letter in a bland windowed envelope. Similarly, no one can be expected to get through over 100 emails in a day. That's why no one worries if some of their emails go unopened.When you receive a handwritten letter addressed to you, you feel a sense of urgency. You don’t know what this letter is, but already it feels like an experience. The lingering mystery around the envelope will encourage recipients to open it immediately and combined with the high level of quality and personalization, will maximize the chances of engagement. If you make sure that your CTA is clear throughout your handwritten marketing campaign, you’re sure to see a significant boost in ticket sales for your event.Sending out personalized event invitations with a handwritten marketing campaign is a great way to help both you and your event stand out, raising general interest levels and increasing the chances of attendance. In fact, those who have used Scribeless before have seen an increase in sales by as much as 18%, or a 13x ROI.With our handwritten notes service, the entire process of running a campaign is easy and affordable. We handle the creation and distribution of your handwritten notes, so all you need to do is select a design (made simple with our easy to navigate interface) and tell us who you want to distribute to. There’s no limit to the number of people you can send handwritten letters to, and our worldwide network of offices ensures that no corner of the globe in unreachable. Click here to try handwritten notes for your event marketing campaign.

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