Scribeless' AI can turn messages into handwriting, but can AI write your message too? We challenged to nail the perfect business thank you note. is using GPT-3 and deep learning to create convincing human-like text copy. Like Scribeless' handwriting AI, it is uncannily close to something a human would do.

We've created 8 thank you notes for businesses using both AI's. Your job is to try and figure out which ones were computer generated, and which were written by the Scribeless team. If you can spot the difference, you’ll win a free month of Scribeless On Demand.

If you want to test your own skills against the AI, we've complied a list of tips and tricks below, to help you nail your business thank you notes.

Why Send Handwritten Thank You Notes?

Sending your customers thank you notes with or after an order are a great way of demonstrating your appreciation for their patronage and is sure to solidify the budding relationship between business and customer.

But not only can this have an impact on the perception of your business, it can also cause a significant spike in customer retention. Non-profit organization Donors Choice sent handwritten thank-you notes to half of their new first-time donors and nothing to the other half; the ones who received thank you notes were 38% more likely to follow up their donation with a new one.

So it’s evident that nailing thank you notes for your business could really enhance your business; the next step is to make sure that your notes are the best they can possibly be. We’ve compiled a few best practices and tips to make sure you absolutely nail your business thank you notes and keep your customers loyal and happy.

Be Personal

A generic thank you may as well be printed plain text or an email - a personalized, handwritten thank you is the best way to make it more meaningful. There are several things you should try and ensure your note contains to show that it isn’t generic.

Let’s start with a simple one: make sure you address them by name. You’re immediately showing that this isn’t a run of the mill mass-mailer, and nurtures your relationship with your recipient as a person, not just a customer or a sale. You can strengthen this bond even further by signing off with your name rather than your company’s name. A customer is far more likely to appreciate a thank you that they feel is coming directly from you, rather than a faceless business.

You can also try being specific about their order. By showing that you know the contents of their order, it deepens the relationship between you and the customer, which is particularly effective for smaller businesses. You are the one who prepared the order, AND wrote the note, so the customer's relationship is with you.

All of these are sure-fire ways to make sure your business thank you notes have your customers feeling valued and make them more likely to shop with you again. They may even share the experience online or with friends and family.

Don’t Cheapen It

When your customer finds a handwritten thank you with their order, it’s sure to pique their interest, and a thank you personalized specifically for them is will build on that initial curiosity, resulting in a wholly positive impression.

One way to cheapen this is by begging them to share or incentivizing them to publicize what you’ve sent them on social media. Your customer should never believe your primary intention is anything other than to thank them for their purchase, or you risk losing the charm and warmth. A genuine, heartfelt thank you is likely to compel your customers to share your note anyway, including in that most hallowed of referrals - word of mouth. A softer, more cautious approach will likely reap the rewards you’re looking for without having to push too hard.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with adding a few extras in with your thank you, like stickers or free samples. These additions are likely to enhance the customer experience, without making them feel like you’re begging them to go back for more.

Use to Nail your Wording

Struggling for inspiration? Coming up with the perfect copy for your thank you notes can prove challenging, and you really want to nail that wording to have the best impact you possibly can. If this is the case, may just be the answer to your prayers. generates dozens of business thank you notes, as well as other types of copy, based on a description you give. You can make it as detailed as you like, so the generated copies can be as true to your brand identity as if you’d written them yourself.

This can be a great way to vary your thank yous - maybe launch a few separate campaigns with different copies, or change it up to something different every couple of weeks. can do the heavy lifting when you’re looking to vary your thank you notes but are struggling to come up with new wording.

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